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02-03-2013, 03:36 AM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Yeah I love the dump and chase in an actual game but in those you're doing 60-90 second shifts. Drop in on the other hand is a game of 3-5 minute shifts, which means you can't really be busting your ass but need to coast a lot. As much as I love anything hockey once I started playing in real games that's why I've never cared that much for drop in hockey. It's still fun but my game/cardio is much better suited to the high intensity quicker shifts.

That is just one thing I'll never understand, I hate it when guys do that . The unofficial rule needs to be changed so that the scored on team gets up to the red line, not your blue line. Especially when you have lower level guys on the ice that aren't very good at breaking out and not to mention being drop in have no chemistry with their line mates.
Unoffical rule needs to be changed so theres a 5 second time limit to fish it out of your net and get it up to the blue line. Sucks when *******s lolly gag it up.

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