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02-03-2013, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
Transition year. Transition year. Transition year. Transition year.

Even so, I worry about our defensive corps for the future as it stands. Too soft. While our pipeline is filled with bodies, do any of them have a shred of physicality in their games aside from McNabb, who - in patented Sabre fashion juuuuuust when we might need a player in his mold - has regressed bigtime?

Respect to Weber, but if he's the big hitter of the unit that other teams "are to be concerned about"...we're not going to go anywhere significant.

Is any single one of the current group besides Regehr considered remotely close to "tough to play against in front of the net"? Neg.



- First time in my life I stopped watching after two periods and switched to radio in a dissatisfied and angry hissy **** fit. I was on such a positive, optimistic cloud after the Boston game....lasted all of 17 hours. Buf-fa-lo in a nutshell.

- my burning desire to get Stafford off of the team

It's the coach I tell ya...The hard truth.., this team lacks talent, has for years, the fact Miller makes up for and then gets the blame is mind blowing.

Fire Lindy...Ya I get it, the fact is, I could care less who the coach of this team is or who will be the coach...the team is full of non-compete players, minus 3-4 guys.

Myers doesn't suck because of the coach...Ennis is what he is, a diminutive winger, with the flash. The years waiting for Stafford to make his presence felt...I'm still waiting.

This mess is your Buffalo Sabres.

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