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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Not sure about the superiority of the SEL to the AHL--there are probably some higher end SEL players (at least when the NHL is not in lockout mode) but generally speaking the average player is not better than the average AHL player--he's maybe even worse.
It can be looked at from diffrent type of perspectives, from the perspective of weighting a performance (stats) in one league against the other -- its pretty tricky.

From a competetive point of view, the SEL is in a sense alot more competetive. But, while both the AHL and the SEL for sure loose players to the record strong KHL -- it natraully hurts the SEL more than the AHL so he later is closer than usual.

The big diffrence though is of course that the AHL is a development league and there are no ifs or buts about that. And it shows greatly on the ice. In the SEL you can have a entire town working towards winning the SEL for 10-20 years. Take Skellefteċ as a example. 50% of their roster is the work of coaches working with kids and juniors for the last decade. Many have played together for litterary a decade too, when they still are only 20-25 y/o. That of course shows on the ice. Looking past "talent", I would say that Skellefteċ is the best team in the hockey world today. As a team, they are like Detroit in their prime and then some.

The AHL is extreme on the other side of the spectrum. But that of course doesn't maek it easier to play in that league -- for some who thrives in a organized environemnt its the opposite of course.

Lindberg and Fasth I would think though would have a better chance at making the Rangers than Miller--who some speculated would make a run at a job this year. Miller looks to be at least one more year away. With age comes size, strength and experience and Miller needs to work on all those more so it seems than Fasth or Lindberg.
Good point.

Its easy to forget how darn young Miller still is. Staal was returned to juniors at the same age. MDZ played in the NHL -- but we all remember how darn young he was and how much it showed.

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