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Originally Posted by YouCantYandleThis View Post
I'm still amazed there isn't more talk of Malkin's stick to Staal's face.

I don't care what Staal did beforehand, you can't Tomahawk a guy in the head.
I am not amazed at all.

Go to the main boards. Hilarious thread there where the persistent theme is that Staal slashed Malkin in the head twice before Malkin did anything and that Malkin was scared for his life and that was why he did it. Further he was justified in his actions because Staal was about to kill him (literally).

It really is an amazing study on people only seeing what they want to see.

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Truth to be told, I don't think many "experts" can tell the diffrence between a good D in the NHL or someone just playing good hockey -- in the post-lockout NHL.

From my point of view:
1. Almost no D can recover when you can't clutch and grab.
2. Very few can always stay on the right side of things by themselves.
3. On a good team, with a thight game, many D's are not exposed to getting players on the inside.

Hence many seem to equate a player like Tyler M playing in a protected environment his rookie season with Tyler M being this all around great D. In his rookie season -- I saw Myers after the NHL season in the WCH's and he looked god damn awful on the big ice. This was just weeks after many experts talked about him as a Norris candidate lol.

People just need to seperate what is a result from a teams play and what the individual D actually contributes with.
Well that is what the NHL wanted, more offense.
Re: The clutching and grabbing, it is getting ridiculous. That call on Stamkos last night was a perfect example. Stuff is getting called way too much, going to be basketball soon where you can't even touch someone. And I am not talking about big hits, I am talking about 1v1 where if you touch a guy it is called a hold, or if your stick is horizontal anywhere near the body it is called as a hook.

We saw what happened last night when the refs stayed out of the game, sure some calls were missed, and that Stamkos call was super weak but with them letting a lot of the stuff go, the game was so much more exciting and open. No tick tack penalties to slow down momentum. People don't pay to see the refs, (or the linesman tossing people on EVERY faceoff) they pay to see the players, let them freakin play already.

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