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02-03-2013, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by dklap3 View Post
So how does the future look, has any Norwegians been drafted lately?
Lars Volden, Steffen Søberg, Scott Winkler, Mats Frøshaug and Sondre Olden. Some of those draft picks are dated back to 2008.

Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Keeper Lars Volden got drafted by the Bruins(Right?) and Marcus Søberg will most likely go this draft.

I'm forgetting someone right?
Yes,Volden and Søberg both drafted back in 2011. I really hope Marcus can be the first Norwegian to be drafted in the first round.

Mattias Nørstebø is another player that can have a bright future, he plays in the Swedish J20 Super elite with Brynäs. If he continues his good development maybe he can be drafted in the future.

Originally Posted by andersej View Post

Steffen Søberg is another goalie drafted the same year as Volden. Frøshaug is a bust - at least from an NHL perspective. So is Olden IMHO. Scott Winkler is taking his time to develop in the NCAA, but is putting up solid numbers this season, looks like he still has a shot.
I don't know if Frøshaug will ever make it to the NHL and I don’t know if Olden is going to make it either. Maybe there is still a small chance for Olden tough. I’m really optimistic about Winkler he is definitely a player who as the potential.

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