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Something you need to consider when making trade proposals:

Dallas can only trade $5,858,519 in cap hits and stay above the floor.

How I came to this number:

*CapGeek currently projects Dallas with a Projected Cap Payroll of $58,439,587
*This number includes injury call ups.
*I had to make several assumptions to correct that number.

1) Nilstorp is reportedly close to healthy, Projected return to the AHL on 2/4.
2) Roy could return Monday, projected return of Roussel to AHL on 2/4.
3) Dallas will return to only 7 D after road trip, projected Oleksiak return to the AHL on 2/7.
4) Whitney is out 4 to 6 weeks, projected Reilly Smith return to AHL on 3/4.

I went with the most conservative projections as possible. Nilstorp will probably not return to the AHL by Monday, Whitney might take longer than 4 weeks, and Oleksiak could stay in the NHL. I based all my decisions on reducing the salary payroll as much as possible to give a worst case, realistic scenario of the cap situation.

With those 4 players no longer projected to remain the entire season, Dallas' season cap payroll is $55,679,276 which is $1,479,276 above the floor. The trade deadline falls on April 3rd, if we assume Dallas doesn't make a trade until that point, the pro-rated salary you can trade is $5,858,519.

The next you have to consider is any play traded has to be replaced on the roster. For example, $3.5 million Ryder being traded likely results in $900,000 Reilly Smith returning to the NHL. That represents only $2.6 million of pro-rated salary leaving the team.

If Dallas goes into a full sale mode, they'll need to get creative about adding salary.

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