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02-03-2013, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by TollefsenFan View Post
It will take about 10 years (Olimb, Røymark, Spets, Zuke, Holøs, Bonsaksen, Martinsen, Volden, Søberg, Olden, Mats Rosselli Olsen, Kristiansen, Ylven, Frøshaug, Haugen, Forsberg) Are all in their early- mid 20s. I guess they can keep going for another 10 years. Ofc we wont be able to replace Thoresen, Skrøder, Hansen, Bastiansen, Ask, Trygg, Tollefsen, Holtet etc.
Norways future

Well we got Volden in sm league. He is a 20 year old goalie, drafted by the bruins and he has been rly good this season. Other future stars might be Mats Rosselli Olsen (swe 1), Ken Andre Olimb (swe 2), Dahlstrøm (swe 2), Kristiansen (swe 1), Martinsen (Del), Frøshaug (Nor 1) and Olden (Nor 1).

What worries me most is the lack of young and skilled centers. Most of our centers are old (Hansen, Bastiansen, Ask, Vikingstad etc) Thoresen is best as a LW, Mathis Olimb isnt good enough in deffense and Forsberg dosent score. So while everyone talks about Zuke and Thoresen, im more concerned about the fact that all our best centers are in their early-mid 30s. Every team needs skilled two way centers, that can bring the puck out of the zone.
Its very optimistic to think they will all be quality players until 35 of age. Some will decline or be injured. But you are right that it's not a catastrophic decline that will happen in the next couple of years, but your superpeak will fade out.
But great observation about the center problem. Thoresen is good as center as well, so its 5 best centers getting old!).

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