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02-03-2013, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by JayB View Post
I was opening this kind of thread too.

Its very deep draft coming, why not do a push there?
We need defender and goalscorer too but with these pucks we are not get that this deadline.

How about this:

Briere - 1st
Voracek - "Ryan"
Fedotenko - 2-3 rounder
Talbot - 1-2 rounder
Timonen - 1st ( If going to play next year it is only rental)
Knuble - 2-3 rounder

If we could have like three first rounders aprox in 5-15 picks we could do some big choices for our future.
If the Ducks re-sign Getzlaf and Perry, we can probably pick up Ryan through free agency or a trade which doesn't require Anaheim to take on too much salary. The key is to see how this off-season plays out.

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