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02-03-2013, 09:39 AM
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Yeah well we discussed this NHL hockey imperialism,but still if those players can be on your roster its a huge boost so its kind of a double edged sword.
Fortunatley for Latvia even if we had like 3-4 good players in NHL we still would have plenty of quality players in KHL to choose from,so what i`m trying to say is depth is a very important thing!
Norway and Latvia still have much better depth than Denmark.

Latvia has 31 in KHL (ok not all regulars), Norway 3, Denmark 0
Norway has 13 in SEL, Denmark 3, Latvia 1 (and with Nicklas Jensen probably leaving for NHL next season and Jesper B. Jensen going down with Røgle in all likelyhood its only 1 next season-Morten Madsen).
Denmark 2 in SM-liiga, Latvia 1, Norway 1.
Denmark 4 in DEL, Latvia 2, Norway 1.
Latvia 2 in NLA, Denmark 1, Norway 0

Conclusion: 37 Latvia, Norway 18, Denmark 10.

So most of team Denmark without NHL players are 9 allsvenskan and 4 al-bank liga!

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