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02-03-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Sorry, maybe I missed something but who didn't decide to name names?
Georges Laraque came out a while ago and said a huge percentage of NHLers were juiced. He didn't name names but here's an excerpt from his book:

Originally Posted by Georges Laraque
I can give you some clues here that will help you identify the ones using steroids, if you really feel like it. First, you just have to notice how some talented players will experience an efficiency loss as well as a weight loss every four years, those years being the ones where the Winter Olympics are held.

In the following season they make a strong comeback; they manage a mysterious return to form.

As for the tough guys, a statistics maniac can easily identify who's taking drugs and who's not. You just have to compare their last junior league's weight to the one they had arriving with the pros. Nobody, and I really mean nobody, can gain forty to seventy pounds in just one summer without taking anything suspicious. When you're in close contact with them, it's even easier to tell: the change in their voice, the swelling neck, the appearance of acne — they're not fooling anyone.
You can read more on him and his book here:,wp16756

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