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Originally Posted by Pavelski2112 View Post
Gomez originally wore 23 with New Jersey, but had to change it over the years due to it being taken/retired/etc. I don't think anyone in SJ will ever wear 11 since Owen Nolan left, whether it's officially "retired" or not.
Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
There's this dude called Owen Nolan who once played for the Sharks and I think he was kinda important to this organization, the fans, and everything about hockey in the Bay Area. Nolan still tweets the Sharks' players, mascot, beat writer, and public faces, lives in he Bay Area and is friends with current Sharks who weren't even in the NHL when Owen was a Shark, had his retirement ceremony here, and publicly roots for Bay Area sports teams. He wore #11, FYI.

EDIT: I agree with the above. Even if #11 is never officially retired, no scrubs is ever going to wear it.
Haha, Gomez isn't wearing #11 because of Owen Nolan...? So all those years Marcel Goc was disrespecting Nolan by supporting #11, no one in the organization told him know considering how influential Nolan was and all...?

Fetus' explanation makes a lot more sense. Some of Gomez's best years were with the Devils, back when he was wearing #23. Mix that with Robinson being a constant at both New Jersey and San Jose, he's probably looking to revive that spark.

Honestly the Owen Nolan reason makes no sense whatsoever. He was a great player and huge fan favorite, but to assume that his number is somehow unofficially retired is silly.

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