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Originally Posted by birddog View Post
They may be capable of playing until 40 but very few, if any are as good at 40 as 34. It's prime years. And Lou is 34 in exactly 2 month
When I said end of year, I mean the hockey year. He won't be 35-36 at the off season, that's for sure. I just think with goaltending it's a different game, there are goalies that fall way off the map at 25 and other goalies that hold strong until late 30's early 40's.

Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
Your 200k/500k analogy is way way off base.

It's more like 200k on the meter with about 83k good miles left in the tank.
How do you know? Just as I can't say he will be an all-star goaltender until 42 when his contract ends, you cant say he'll be useless/non-elite in a year or two.

All I can say is history has favored goaltenders to play at a higher level, longer, than any other position. Roloson, Brodeur, Hasek, Belfour, Hedberg, and others have had successful years in the late 30's.

Originally Posted by ZKassian9 View Post
The Leafs were never in it. According to 2 Vancouver reporters Lu told MG that he didn't want to play for the Leafs and since he has a NTC, he will not be going to TO. MG is simply trying to create a market to get Tallon to increase his offer.
Also, Reimer's stats are after 4 games. We all knowwhat where they will be at the end of the season but keep plugging the most important position with unproven goalies, its worked so far.
Did you real those quotes fully? Jason Botchford said Gillis had a deal lined up at Draft last year, brought it to Luongo which he said he preferred if Gillis tried to make a deal with Florida a bit more, once Florida dropped more and more out of the picture, Luongo gave him the "green light to pretty much do what he wants" which I read as "Here's a list of teams I WONT go to, other than that, have at 'er."

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