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Hurricanes @ Maple Leafs | Feb 4, 2013 | Click & Gel? Or Gel & Click?

Loss to the Flyers? After a night to sleep on it I realize: I'm not even mad.

I'm not at all disappointed that we lost a game against arguably one of the biggest flounder stories in the East the night after beating the Sens. After all, it's so totally typical to lose the 2nd half of two games in two days if we discount that the Flyers had played another terribad game themselves the night before against the Caps. Missing Simmonds and Hartnell and on a 3 game skid? *****, please. I'm tired of hearing all these excuses about how we should have won that game in Philly.

Once our most talented forwards start clicking and gelling, our top two -- and possibly even our third line -- will be a handful for most teams. There hasn't been a lot of click with Jokinen yet on the gel third line

Our power play? I wouldn't even want to be an opposing PK unit once Semin and Staal are gelling and clicking, which is looking like March at the earliest.

Penalty killing? Whoa nellie. These Canes are a team who commit a metric **** ton of penalties (mostly invisible, and always 100% stupid), but thanks to gelling and clicking together early this band of merry PK brothers has played remarkably well once you subtract last night's 0-3 effort against the anemic Fliers PP!

Defense? Please. All these guys need is a little more time to see how their pairings are gelling, and patience waiting for them to click. Most of this gelling is going to involve rediscovering just how utterly terrible Joe Corvo is at hockey and how out of shape Jamie McBain is.

Goaltending... Please, let's not even go there. Cam Ward and Dan Ellis had breakfast together in Philadelphia at the hotel yesterday morning, and Tripp Tracy witnessed this gel and click act himself. (Which reminds me, we need the mods to figure out a way to create a "Confirmed with Tripp Tracy" prefix.)

Teammate camaraderie. Camaraderie among teammates. This hockey **** doesn't just gel up and start clicking overnight. We have a remodeled locker room and an NHL caliber heavy in Kevin Westgarth (who is bad at hockey) to incorporate into our gel mix. Andreas Nodl? He forgot about gel while he was down in Charlotte. Boychuk took his gel which was on the verge of clicking on a one-way ticket to Pittsburgh.

I encourage patience at every turn as we juggle lines mid-game and anxiously await players to click.


Game notes:

The Hurricanes were 3-0-1 against the Leafs last year, which was pretty good, right? I mean, we lost OT games quite a bit/almost always.

Jay Harrison had two goals against the Leafs, which was revenge for giving up on him, or perhaps not realizing he's a good interview guy.

Phil Kessel is a total mess this season. Did you know he has 36 shots on the year, which leads the NHL? Did you also know that he has zero goals to go with those 36 shots, which makes him ripe for going bananas against us? I'm no fantasy sports guru, but acquire him immediately.

Gelling and clicking is upon us. So far we've been doing lots more gelling than we have clicking, but it's coming.

1.) Gel.
2.) Click.
3.) ???
4.) Rebuild year. Or playoffs. Pick one.

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