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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Let's be realistic here. Detroit was insanely lucky and no team can ever truly mimic what they accomplished short of equally improbable luck. They drafted three phenomenal players and that more or less cemented their success for the next two decades. They have some good prospects but had all the time in the world to wait around. No team can emulating that. In fact, the Wings can't.

I appreciate the mentality of a perennial contender but I also want to challenge for the cup.
Unless Jensen and Kassian emerge as superstars, our best opportunity is now. If that means moving Schneider, then do so and either see how Lack pans out, draft a new goaltender or acquire one through trade. Luongo is liable to give us upwards of seven years of good goaltending. We have plenty of time. The same cannot be said of the Sedin era.

The bold statement there does not outline something that is mutually exclusive. The current team is strong enough to challenge for the cup. It really hasn't changed much from the 2011 squad. In fact, Gillis mentioned this exact viewpoint in his interview with Duthie last week. Meanwhile, they are slowly starting to stock their cupboards. Kassian is doing well. Schroeder has done a good job too. Now they wait on Jensen, Gaunce, Corrado, Lack and others... They are winning _and_ building.

Fact is, you don't need Jensen or Kassian to emerge as superstars to extend your window. You just need them to be contributing NHLers in the positions they are expected to fill: Top6 forwards.

Detroit was lucky picking up Zetterberg and Datsyuk in the later rounds. That part of the equation is far-fetched, I agree. Teams aren't going to do this without getting extremely lucky. But that's not why DET were able to extend their window, not nearly. They extended their window with excellent supplementary talent so as to make the entire team strong. Many good draft/FA choices were made beyond Dats and Z. As a result, every game they played, they played with a comparative advantage. They were just deeper than most teams every time out - and that's the reason they constantly contended.

Usually certain teams have 2-3 core players that they build around. You can draft them, buy them or trade for them. The GMs usually allocate the most money to them, so there are few that you can have on any one team. It's the other pieces that determine if your team is strong on the whole or if it's top-heavy and weak. That's the difference.

Look at St. Louis. Their best player was a top4 pick (Petriangelo). Beyond him, it's all smart late 1st round picks (Perron, Oshie), good 2nd round picks (Backes), good trades (Shattenkirk, Stewart, Steen, D'Agostini) and you have the makings of a contender. Did they get super lucky? Or was this shrewd management + drafting?

This "window" stuff is garbage. If you have smart management and good scouts (not even great), you can keep your team competitive for a very long time. That's Detroit's real secret to success, not lucking out with two late round picks, although they did help a lot. Thinking it was just D and Z discounts the brilliance of their management IMO, which deserves the real praise.

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