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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
So if Scott had or has no impact....why did Thornton feel the need to fight him?

Everybody knows Scott can't play. So why even bother?
I think its because Thornton had been taking on all comers prior to the fight and based on his most recent bouts was trending upwards and probably cracked the top 5 fighters in the NHL and thus considered himself a heavyweight.

I respect Shawn for going but it was a mistake b/c a team that we owned had new life breathed into them by a guy who can't play hockey since he was able to dominate that bout.

MacDermid was also in the lineup for that game which goes to show that the Bruins made the mistake of acknowledging Scott before the game even started.

We have an awesome team, and by the looks of our record should find ourselves cruising through the season in first place. ANd unfortunately after the Buffalo game I think there will be a few games where teams have a point to prove to themselves more than anything that they are tough and we get dragged into a lot of fights unnecessarily and have to deal with cheapshots. Rewarding the Sabres for signing Scott by dressing Mac and Shawn going with him was a mistake, it happens, I just don't want Lucic or Chara busting a nuckle on a 4th line plug.

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