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02-03-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Andrei79 View Post
This is a pet subject of mine since I study and work in the field and would like to be a sports team doctor/consultant in a few years.

I think it would be pretty naive to think PEDs aren't prevalent in hockey. Hockey players are athletes, and high level athletes are competitive by nature. Athletes will always look for a competitive advantage, whether it be in the form of a cup of coffee, a slightly illegal stick, or steroids.

And steroids are cheap, and trainers are now multisport conditioning coaches. There's crossover between sports, there's knowledge sharing and expertise given.

Steroids are like an ace card. There's a fairly well known powerlifter who talked about it last year. They're not going to make you a champion, but they'll get you to the next step.

But if I put it another way. If you're a highly skilled 5'11" 170lbs player who knows an extra 25lbs of mass in the next two years would get you to the next level of play, say from the AHL to the NHL, or the third line to the first line, why wouldn't you do it? Millions of dollars are at play.
What bothers me is that there's no WILL to stop it. Nobody wants to catch anything and all the leagues want to sweep it under the rug. The technology exists to catch at least some of this stuff but nobody wants to do it. The testing is a joke and the pro leagues don't care.

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