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Originally Posted by CarvinSigX View Post
Pietrangelo doesn't have the resume to get paid like Doughty and Karlsson...Yet. No Norris nominations/trophies or team awards, which makes a huge difference in money. If he wants over 7 like some people are saying, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a big holdout. I'd bet every cent I have that Armstrong will try to get him under 6.5, if not 6...Assuming it's not a bridge contract, that may be preferred. Pietrangelo COULD price himself off this team/hinder it with his demands.
I'd disagree and say that he certainly has the resume to get what Karlsson got. Karlsson had a Norris nomination when he got his 7y/$6.5m. Pietrangelo finished 4th in voting in his second year, and we'll see what this year brings.

Totally agree that he could price himself out of St. Louis though. If he is determined to get $7m+ a year, I have no doubt that the Flyers would give him that. I don't think money is going to be his main motivation though.

His agents have been in town this past week, so hopefully we'll get an announcement this month. $6.5m is what I expect, anything less is a bonus. I think anything less than $6m long term is fantasy though.

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