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Originally Posted by TheDaysOf 04 View Post
The biggest problem was Melrose. He didn't want him on the team, he did absolutely nothing as a coach to help Stamkos individually to get better, barely played him during games and destroyed his confidence. He left in an ugly way and the whole team lost all respect for him. If he started off in a better and stable situation, I think he would of had a much better first season.

He went through the normal problems all 18 years have in the NHL, nothing I can really put my finger on. What changed from the poor 1st half I think was just a shift in confidence, the right line combo with Marty, and pure hard work. Rick Tocchet did a lot to try and build him back up again to help his confidence. He slowly increased his icetime and put him with Marty where they clicked and got hot. Their chemistry today is still amazing. And when you play with Marty more than likely you're going to get some points and succeed. He was also surrounded by great vets like Marty, Vinny, Gary Roberts, and Mark Recchi and coaches like Tocchet and Wes Walz. They cared and did a lot or work with him off the ice, with video, and individually during and after practices. Stamkos has amazing work ethic too as we all know and he made the change fast. Since that 2009 offseason he's been known as one of the hardest working players and his success helped put Gary Roberts on the map as one of the best trainers.

He scored 19 goals in the 2nd half of the season. He finished with 19 points in his last 20 games. He beat Brad Richard's rookie goal record. He then tore it up at the World Championships and made the tournament allstar team. Maybe he surprised everyone who had already written him off or didn't take him seriously.

I'm not sure I see any parallels with Nail. It's a different situation. Edmonton knows what they are doing as they've done a fine job with Hall and RNH. I saw he was put with Ryan Smyth too which I think is great. I think the lockout will also serve as a gigantic help to smooth the transition into the NHL. He was able to play against an enhanced KHL full of NHL players and did well and he was put in a very challenging spot with team Russia as the captain for the Russia Canada Challenge, Super Series, and WJC with 1 1/2 of the tournaments being played on Russia soil. There's not much more that could have prepared him. As we're seeing over here a lot of the guys who played during the lockout have a little bit of an advantage too.

Yeah, and I agree there aren't very many parallels with the situations or the settings. Stamkos had to deal with a crappy head coach in melrose and his overall situation was different. I draw the parallels with the players themselves. But this is why i'm asking because Stmakos looked like a raw talented goalscorer in the NHL when he came in, and he transformed into maybe the best player over 3-4 years. Yakupov has all the talent in the world, I'm just hoping he can put it together half as good as stamkos.

But your guys answers helped alot. Big thanks, and good luck

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