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02-03-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
It takes a young guy a little while to move from jr to pro. Not surprising that it has taken Morrow a little while to adjust.

Yeah, and especially when Morrow wasn't even consistent defensively in the WHL. Hopefully he's getting comfortable with the move to pro and a new system, and he can continue to improve and get more ice time.

Originally Posted by chethejet View Post
Short season and with Bortuzzo and Despres playing, especially Despres with Letang, clearly and hopefully Martin is replaced by Morrow next year. So you have Nisky, Orpik, Letang, Despres, Bortuzzo, Engelland, as the top six. That frees 5 million to sign Letang and a winger. They may be young, but by next year, four are veterans, two have played for a year. Add Morrow and if Dumoulin is ready, he replaces Engelland or Orpik if you want to be more adventurous. Of course that is also dependent on Dan disco's out the door.

You are not going to see wholesale change of the defense like you are proposing. Why would we trade, say, Engelland, who is signed near league minimum, has been one of our best & most consistent defensemen over the last 2 years, and is also our toughest guys.

Second, Morrow will not be ready to make the jump to the NHL next season, especially with all the other guys we have here. Perhaps come his 3rd pro season, Morrow may make a push, or he may play a full 3 years in WBS. But the guy who will really be knocking on the door to take a spot vacated by Orpik or Martin will be Dumoulin. His game right now is more complete and he is more NHL ready than Morrow, and perhaps even Despres.

Finally, don't count out the (high) possibility that you are going to see a trade made to land a winger. The guy going the other way could very well be Despres, or even Morrow. If we end up trading one of our vets instead of our prospects, then that won't happen this season, and more likely to happen in the off-season or at the draft.

Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I don't personally think Martin goes anywhere

I don't see Martin or Orpik going anywhere this season, but I'm not sure we can NOT move one of them in the off-season. Unless we end up trading a young Dman (i.e. Despres) for a young winger who is not yet making a big salary, I don't see us having the cap space to sign/trade for a winger for Sid without shedding one of Orpik or Martin. They are both playing well now and it may be great to keep them both, but the closer each of them gets to UFA status (Orpik expiring a year sooner), the lower their trade value will be. We have to balance cap issues and asset management.

The only way I don't see a trade/big UFA signing is if we complete go from within (i.e. Bennett and/or Megna), or current roster guys like Jeffrey/Boychuk in the top-6, and then going with the rest of the current crew (Duper, TK, Cooke). I'm not sure this is the best case scenario. I would like to see us get one legit winger to play with Crosby and (hopefully) Bennet for next season.

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