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02-03-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Big Al 2 View Post
I think some sort of penalties for the referees making bad calls is the only way to solve the problem. The refs answer to no one and until they get some sort or fines or penalties it won't get better. Obviously these guys don't blow calls on purpose but if their $ was on the line you'd see a higher standard.
I don't think that raises the standard, rather you'll see more "missed" calls.

There shouldn't be fines or penalties, but I would say that their salaries shouldn't be standard. Their annual reviews should grade their performance over the last year and whatever band they fall into should determine their salary for the following year. Not about punishing bad performance, but rewarding good performance. We all want some public accountability, but I don't think that particularly helps matters, rather make a tough job tougher.

As for coaches challenge or whatever... I think the most basic thing to do is that all major penalties are video reviewed. It has such an impact on the game, no matter what, it should only ever be enforced when they are sure it is the correct decision.

I hope what happened causes some sort of change down the line, but I doubt it will. It is going to take a team to suffer the same situation in the playoffs before it wakes the League up.

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