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Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
The problem is that we don't have anyone if Pavs won't start producing. We don't have anyone even as a prospect. So we need to land someone solid. In a forums world you trade your 5-th round pick for a a top-3 forward or world-class goalie, but in real life you have to give up quality to get quality.
Lehtonen was Thrashers pick I believe and it didn't work out, so I'm not saying it won't work, but maybe Kari himself wouldn't want to come back

So what other options do we have? Bernier? He looked promising till Quick showed up. What would it take for him?

P.S Maybe I undervalue Kane, but I don't see any solid avail goaltenders as well and Jet's depth in goal is terrible
true, there's not a solid "available" starter, but that doesn't mean you give up something practically worth more then that for less (yes, i would consider Kane to be worth mroe then a number of the starters in this league- not the top ones, but the mid tier ones).

Someone like Bernier or Schnieder COULD be good, but it would not cost Kane. a perfect example, Tampa's trade for Lindback. Lindback was in a similar situation as bernier, and tampa gave up 2 seconds and some chaff for him- would you trade Kane for that? I wouldn't, not in any market.

not to mention the logistics of dealing for a starter would involve the other team likely downgrading to pavelec- and the only way i could see someone doing that was if, within their system, the heir apparent was taking the reigns, and they needed pav's contract to get them to the cap floor as the backup.

too many moving parts. Do starting goaltenders ever get moved during the season? I'm trying to remember a trade of one that happened mid season in the last few years but can't think of one.

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