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02-03-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by SerenityRick View Post
I actually completely disagree with this sentiment. Granted I too am not happy with him trying to deke out defenders all the time when it doesn't work but at least once, sometimes two or three times a game he sets up his line mates perfectly with 'Savard-ian' type passes and his chances are perfect examples of being snake-bit. Like last night's shot off the knob of Reimer's stick. Literally a half of an inch in all these plays (or a bit more finish from Bergy and Marchy) and we'd all be praising the **** out of him.. I still think he's right there at the door knocking.

I think it's an insult to compare his board work and physical play to Kessel's. The kid has shown more than once that he's willing to take some abuse in front of the net to give his line mates some space. A perfect example of that was Marchand's goal the other night where he was fighting off 2 defenders and screening Miller. I'm not saying he's Lucic out there but he absolutely gets more involved along the boards than not. I'm also not saying he couldn't use some more work in this area, it's clear that he still has to get the Swiss out of his game in this aspect.

I don't know.. even without his scoring I think he's doing mostly the right things. He'll certainly have his brainfarts where he tries to pass to Marchand who has 3 defenders draped all over him or bail out on a hit.. But mostly I like what I'm seeing. We're all just frustrated because the puck isn't going in for him. And that's natural. We'd probably be a lot more forgiving of his shortcomings had he buried 5 or 6 of his 10+ chances, haha.

At this point the disappointment his snowballing I think. Everyone in the GDT is now at the point where we get 10+ posts in a row of how bad Seguin is if he doesn't pivot at the right angle.

I try and look at it in another light.. without our most talented forward producing, the Bruins are still winning games.. so once he gets going, it's going to be very tough beating the Bruins Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later
I see glimpses...not much strung together...doesn't matter, his next 8 I'm sure will make us forget about this 8... Plus the team is 6-1-1 without much from him...thats a great sign.

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