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02-03-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Axl Rhoadz View Post
Dude, I'm fine....Kings won the cup, I can die happy.

I tried to make this point a couple months ago....the Kings are a STREAKY team and this shortened season could be disastrous for them if they are on the bad side of a streak. Why that is, who knows, but one thing that they have proven over the last few years, is that they are inconsistent. Elite teams don't do that....
The Kings are pretty much the definition of a team that isn't streaky

Streaky teams are teams like Chicago, Flyers, Tampa etc. Teams that play an offence first wide open game that can leads to lots of variance

The Kings play games like PHX or Nashville. Low scoring, grind it out games that have less variance involved

Once the refs stop calling interference penalties, this team will roll

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