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02-03-2013, 01:05 PM
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The board is yearning for Benoit Pouliot.

I have officially seen it all.
I never hated Poo. I actually thought he was a pretty good fit on that line even though he didn't have much hockey IQ he had enough skill and complemented Kelly and Peverly (or whoever was on that line after Pevs was injured).

I was never in the "get rid of Pouliot" crowd.

I also never minded Ryder other than how much he was being paid for production. I thought Ryder was overpaid for what he produced, but he could score.

Bourque to me just isn't what that line needs. If he earned the spot, he probably would do better paired with a center like Krejci with a big hitting forward like Lucic or Horton. Isn't going to happen though, if he can't produce on the 3rd.

But Pouliot? Wishing for the glory days of Pouliot is one thing I honestly thought I never would see.
I didn't hate him, and while I wouldn't have complained about an upgrade, Bourque IMO is a downgrade. I think Pouliot and Ryder were similar in some ways (both took dumb penalties) although different and the line was scoring while they were on it.

And while Paille looked good on the 3rd line (which convinces me that the third line is best served by having somebody with speed, who hits and fights on the boards) I think it makes the 4th line worse. I think his niche is good defense, energy style play and PKing. Pie can't shoot though-if the guy had hands he would be a multi million dollar top line wing for any team in the league.

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