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02-03-2013, 01:12 PM
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Looks like Garcia-Lopez is replacing Granollers against Raonic. Tough spot for Guillermo, not just the situation, but this would not be his preferred surface by any stretch.

2-1, Milos on serve in the first set....Corretja's going with Garcia-Lopez immediately looks like it makes a lot of sense, and not just because it eliminates the possibility of another debacle from Granollers. Milos is pounding groundstrokes into the net again, just as in his previous match. So putting him up against an experienced, patient baseline player who always returns a lot of balls makes very good sense, 3-2 on serve...some opportunistic play from Milos and some indifferent play from Guillermo earns the first break for Canada, 4-2...and with good aggressive play, Raonic holds for 5-2. The more he is at the net, the better I like it....and a powerful service game garners the first set. Too many unforced errors but nonetheless a very good set from Milos who played aggressively and went for his shots (10 for 10 at the net).

Second set: confident play from Milos and poor play from a resigned-looking Garcia-Lopez leads to an early break, 1-0, Canada..and Milos quickly holds at love. The Spaniard has no answer for Raonic's power at the moment. Milos has a pretty firm grip on this match...he almost gets another break but not quite, 4-3....Milos is playing a bullyboy game at the moment, not caring too much about unforced errors and just wailing away at his strokes because Guillermo has nothing that can consistently hurt him....more power tennis gets Raonic to 5-3....and Milos takes the second set, 6-4....Very simple strategy for Milos: "I will pound on you until you make me stop." And Guillermo, so far, can't find a way to make him stop. Smart move by Milos as he has taken Garcia-Lopez's steady ground game just about completely out of the picture.

Third set: blazing away, Milos breaks immediately, 1-0. Even the return of serve is contributing now. This is always super-fun tennis when you know unless you do something incredibly stupid, your opponent can't beat 2-1 with Milos to serve. Guillermo has had only one break point so far in the match; I'd say the only danger right now is over-confidence--I'd keep digging for that second break if I were Milos, something Raonic doesn't always do....3-1 easily. Here's how one-sided this match has been: total winners--Garcia-Lopez 2, Raonic 46....and with his return of serve game spraying outright winners, Raonic gets another break when Garcia-Lopez double faults at game point, 4-1. In terms of total dominance right now, Milos is closing in on Dancevic territory. ...another fairly easy hold for 5-1, just a game away for Canada now....and Canada defeats Spain.

Corretja was right in replacing Granollers, but he really didn't have a high enough card in the deck to make a difference. Milos found somebody who his return game could really handle and he provided a dominating performance over a lesser foe. Even given the weakened Spanish opposition, our boys, Frank and Milos, really did us proud this weekend.

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