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02-03-2013, 01:45 PM
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Yeah, Phoenix metro historical population
1960: 700k
1970: 1M
1980: 1.6M
1990: 2.2M
2000: 3.3M
2010: 4.2M

That growth rate is why the NHL has been so determined to hang on. The hope is eventually the sheer mass of people will turn it into a success. And that's not a crazy thought. Phoenix in 2013 is not the Phoenix of 2000 or 1990. And the Phoenix of 2023 won't be the Phoenix of 2013.

Saying the Coyotes haven't worked so far isn't necessarily a slam dunk argument since it's a moving target. Ten years from now they'll be another million new people in Phoenix. And another million ten years after that.

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