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Originally Posted by Jeepers Creeper View Post
Sta/stä ending is the equivalent for "from" in English. Otherwise they are correct.
Don't start handing out thumb rules, as there are none or very little. In said case, lta/ltä are also used with some words, such as "from Russia", Venäjältä.

To make things even more difficult, sometimes the actual word will turn very irregular even if the postposition doesn't. For example, if you are from Turku or Helsinki, you don't say "Turkusta" or "Helsinkistä", but "Turusta" and "Helsingistä".

Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post
Very interesting... I'll try to remember that
Actually, let's put it like this: If you wish to achieve skills in Finnish that are as grammatically correct as possible, then try not to remember any obvious "rules".

But if you simply wish to achieve a level where you might be able to carry a conversation, go crazy. We're very likely to understand you even if you don't get the irregularities right and just attach the postposition to the end of the word's basic form. In fact, your mistake here proved that we might do so even if you don't use one at all.

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