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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
What bothers me is that there's no WILL to stop it. Nobody wants to catch anything and all the leagues want to sweep it under the rug. The technology exists to catch at least some of this stuff but nobody wants to do it. The testing is a joke and the pro leagues don't care.
Well, we just have to see how much of a mess is cycling right now to understand that the repercussions of a real fight are not that positive.

There is problems with how to turn this into an asset PR-wise, which is quite difficult considering how large is the number of players that are probably over the line, and we also have to consider the fact that more often that not, cheaters are ahead of the controlers and often have a better knowledge of the products.

There is a huge trial currently going on in Spain about a doctor who was caught by the Guardia Civil, he was mostly working with pockets of blood that were treated (i'll skip the details) in order to be reimplanted into the patient, then, rejuvenated and completely fresh.
Cycling is the only sport to have done some work with that and caught several riders. Yet, everyone around the case knows that there is many sports also involved in this, like soccer, tennis and boxing for instance.

But right now, if you fight against doping, you are going to lose money and hurt your reputation. Even if you are cleaner than others.
For the record, as i see that some may think this, but doping never improves the quality of the show.

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