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02-03-2013, 02:55 PM
teh doors
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The team is healthy. And needed a fresh start. It's like breaking up with a good girl when things don't work any more. You hit the bottom, **** around for a bit, then find a new lady and everything hits stride again.

Four lines, with guys not in the lineup (White) that easily could be. It makes everyone play their ***** off in every shift and practice. The added benefit is that all of the players, especially ones in key roles (Plekanec, Gionta, Markov) already work their ***** off.

Two of these players (Gionta, Markov) had to work double hard to recover from annoying freak injuries. As a result Gallagher and Emelin have instant role models on the team. CBC touched on this today. It's a good example. The vets on this team are good players, and good people too.

Having healthy players in solid roles on the bottom six who play similar styles to eachother is good too. Moen, Armstrong, Prust, White.. it's comradery and they play like a unit of friends out there, stick up for eachother, etc.

It's called having a team! They got off to a good start, have better veterans than they are given credit for (note: this is the Internet and HF Boards, you're not allowed to like or credit the Habs unless you're a fan) and all of the young players that could've have more than lived up to their potential.

Great start, team in confident, and healthy and enjoying playing hockey.

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