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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
On the positive addition to this, the west has continued to grow. The area is flat for miles, and it just keeps on growing.
Don't you run into federal lands not too far to the west?
Here's a map of Arizona land ownership.

That's an issue for a lot of cities in the West. Expanding often requires permission from the Feds. And increasingly the people who run the federal bureaucracy are the type with a weird religious vendetta against the evil, sinful "sprawl". Oh no, somebody wants to live in suburbia! Ack! Somebody wants to live their life differently than me! Quick, declare the land they want a wetland or a park! Do something. Find an endangered species of cockroach! Anything to prevent the demon Sprawl from infecting us with its sinful suburban ways and tacky chain restaurants! The horror!

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