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Originally Posted by Zih View Post
Warning, story-time ahead.

I bought Crusader Kings 2 during the summer for cheap, but after about 5 hours of faffing about and confronted with the rather intimidating learning curve, I set it aside until now. Once I watched several youtube playthroughs to get an idea of what to do and how to do it, I got hooked on it and now I've added like 15 hours in the past 4 days. It's way more satisfying to "win" than in most other strategy games like Civilization or Total War. It takes a lot of careful diplomacy and a few missteps can sink you quickly.

It's really cool that you can basically pick any date and any noble and just start. I started off easy as a count in Ireland and managed to unite the island under my rule within about 50 years. After that I risked waiting for 12 years so I could change my inheritance laws from gavelkind (all 8 of my kids inherit my estates evenly--a nightmare when you can only play 1!) to elector. Had I been killed off during that point (like his predecessor did after a single year), I'd have had to start basically from scratch.

I finally got my vassals to stop fighting, changed the inheritance law, and celebrated by joining the 2nd Crusade for Jerusalem with all of my men. I conquered one county all by myself, but then my fellow crusaders left me exposed and my army got crushed by a flank attack while I was besieging Jerusalem itself. Immediately my lackwit son decides to rebel because I had the temerity to nominate my genius sister (who happens to be matrilinearly married to the heir of the Kingdom of Denmark, meaning her children can inherit the Kingdom) instead of him. I pack up what remains of my army to scramble back home while hiring some mercenaries with what remains of my coin (crusading is expensive) to hold off my son.

Just as I land in Ireland, I'm notified that we won the Crusade and Jerusalem is ours, by which I mean it's mine. All mine. As in, I just tripled my entire holdings out of the blue. In the process, my joke ambition of achieving 500 piety (I had something like 46 and was gaining at a rate of about 1 per month, so I only had to live to the age of 81) instantly succeeded because I gained 4000 piety for the successful crusade, so now I'm known as Falbrecht (?) the Holy. I have no clue where to go from here, but oh sweet success.

TL;DR In the span of 80 years I went from the lowest nobility you can start as and now I own the kingdoms of Ireland, Wales, and Jerusalem. Not ****ing bad for a newbie.
I had a similar experience, but I was a minor noble in Scotland and used careful marriage/assassins to take the crown. I celebrated by taking part in a crusade on present day Spain. Won the crusade and suddenly had a massive headache trying to quell the restless natives. Crusades get you a lot of land if you win, but I'd imagine unless you're a large nation it's pretty difficult to hold on, and Spain isn't nearly as far for your main force as Jerusalem will be.

Good luck!

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