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02-03-2013, 03:08 PM
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I'm not saying Richards isn't doing better every game he's improving mostly every game, I just think we need more of a player with speed size and lethal shot, Richards is another skill set. I think what's missing from the kings is a legitimate scoring touch which Richards doesn't have he's a 3 dimensional player while ovi isn't which is why I think the value is closer than people realize. Richards is doing better every game I understand but we are missing another skill set.
I agree on the want for a player with speed and shot, and that is Carter who with Richards feeding him, will produce. Carter in an 82 game season could hit 50. I think he has a shot at 22-25 this year. Gagne should help on that line, he has the skill.

And I think right now, with Mitchell's knee situation , and if he's not coming back as soon as orignally intended, then anything going out in a trade whether it be Penner in a package, will have a D man coming back. That' is DL's priority right now, esp if Greene won't be available until late spring if then.

That said, the kings are /will be under the Cap come June and maybe with other teams buying out costly contracts, esp teams that are near 70 already (like Boston is at 69.9 ) there might be that skilled guy out there, if not a Free Agent.

Richards didn't enter the league as a skilled player, what he got comes dfrom his high hockey IQ, being part wolverine and playing with that intensity , all balls and heart , also has a mean streak a mile wide (which is a huge assett to any team he plays for) nd can agitate his opposition right off their game. He's a top competitior and leader, which is why he's won championships everywhere. Wasn't a big surprise that he was the one who asked Doan to fight after Browne got slewfooted. That goes a long way on a bench.
That's a guy whose value is priceless on a team, which DL recognized. He's a good fit being Kopi, and took a lot of pressure off of Kopi in the playoffs, gave him more room.

You give MR skilled , speedy wingesr, he'll get them the puck, he's done that already.

Yes, he came to camp out of shape, like other players around the league. That can't be changed. But he's getting his game back and had a good game las tnight.
I like Gagne moving back up there because he's got several years of history with Richards and that will help.

You think I'm not frustrated living in Philly ? Having an 80 year old fanantical owner who consistanty trades away youth for the 'quick fix'? You take a look at the talent the Flyers AhL team, the phantoms had in 2005 when they won the Calder. Richards, Carter, Seidenberg, SHarpe, Niittymaki, Umberger...not ot mention having Lupul and Sbisa on the parent club.It killed me to watch Patrick Sharpe, who we drafted and helped the Phantoms win that Calder, skate around our home rink with the Cup.

Five of those phantom players have won Cups with other team. All gone...because he has no patience. At least DL has the sense to hold onto his good young players and try to build for the future.

This is agood Kings team, the core is solid and there will be room for at least 2 wingers next year and 1 more beyond that when Williams is replaced.

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