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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
And you'd have a valid point.

The problem is, transferring technical niggles into full blown nonsense like losing the room, Geno wanting out of dodge, bylsma being responsible for the deficit...
Well, since 'Geno wanting out of dodge' is your interpretation of my saying 'it's not inconceivable that Geno doesn't automatically resign if the Pens go one and done in the playoffs again and changes aren't made', then the only problem here would be your perpetual embrace of the hyperbolic straw man.

Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
I'm sure if the Pens don't win the Cup this year, that's what it'll come back to.

Listen, no matter what happens this year, the talk about Bylsma losing Crosby, Malkin, and the whole room was clearly bogus. Whatever criticisms people have of DB's system, it's pretty obvious that the team is dedicated to it and they look formidable when executing it well.

In spite of the stretch passes.
And here's another example. Remember what I said before the NYI game to you. Let's see where it's at in 15 games. I watched the NYI game, said that showed signs of a coach who's lost the room (and Sid and Geno WERE going through the motions in that game), and even then I still voted 15 games when the poll was added?

On the one hand, when someone suggests that you say 'all is well', it's apparently an oversimplification. But, when you do the same, it's perfectly reasonable. I've got no problem being wrong. I want to be wrong about Bylsma, because that means the Pens have a better chance to win when the playoffs come.

But, your 'you saying this MAY be the case means that's what you absolutely, 100% believe to be the case no matter what' really has gotten insulting and, beyond that, is something that I had thought was beneath you. Then again, I thought the same thing of MTLPenFan.

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