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Originally Posted by leftcoast
News flash - 29 teams fail to win the Stanley cup every year. It's by far the hardest championship in professional sports to win. No team can be EXPECTED to win the Stanley cup. Some teams have little chance, others are better positioned, but to win the cup usually takes a lot of things happening right. You have to be reasonably free of injuries, have good goal tending and generally, have some luck in your match ups.

Why do you replace a coach?

Under performing - clearly not the case based on his record.
Coach has lost the respect / attention of the players. Clearly not the case.
Change in front office - GM wants "his guy" - GMMG has his chance to change and decided to stay with AV.
Coach does something atrocious that tarnishes the image and reputation of the team. Clearly not the case.

Firing AV would be a colossal mistake. He's the winning-est, and IMO the best head coach the team has ever had. He's been able to implement both offensive and defensive systems, he's developed young players, he's been able to motivate and retain the respect of veterans, he's dealt the "problem" players, and he's won, and won, and won.
Wow only the one team can win each season really are you sure cause I thought the 4 semi finalists shared the cup--thanks man that was real head scratcher.
They should fire the coach because it's a very talented team that has made the playoffs many times & has failed to win the cup.That is the objective right?
I know for some fans making the playoffs year after year is all it's really about & even if they fired AV & brought in a new coach who failed to make playoffs 2 to 8 times some fans would still be in here saying firing the new coach was a mistake he was a victim of injuries to core players or some other nonsense.I am sure you know what all the excuses.

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