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02-03-2013, 03:33 PM
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Looking at the exact wording of the CBA regarding performance bonuses in the 2005 CBA

(C) "Performance Bonuses."

(1) "Performance Bonuses" means any Bonuses set
forth in a Player's SPC, the payment of which is
contingent on the Player's achievement of some
agreed-upon benchmark(s) related to his
performance as a Player or his Club's performance
during a particular League Year.

(2) Performance Bonuses shall be allowable under this
Agreement only for:

(i) Players with Entry Level SPCs under
Article 9 of this Agreement;

(ii) Players aged 35 or older as of June
30 prior to the League Year in which the SPC is to
be effective, who have signed a one-year SPC for
that League Year; and

(iii) Players who are "400-plus game
Players" for pension purposes
, and who: (i) in the
last year of their most recent SPC, spent 100 days or
more on the injured reserve list; and (ii) have signed
a one-year SPC for the current or upcoming League
Sauer wouldn't be eligible for any bonuses. He doesn't have 400 games played. Unless the new CBA changed that.

100 days on IR. 99 day season.

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