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Originally Posted by Dr. Fire View Post
Here is my take.

I find the most obnoxious fans to come to Nationwide to be the Pens fans. They, of all of them tend to act like the Nat is their home, and they try to brutalize CBJ fans as much as possible. The fact that so many of them are there only enables them to act like ass-hats even more. I really just hate those MFer's with a passion, and because of that I have absolutely no love at all for their team.

Sabres fans generally aren't as mouthy, but tend to be quite drunk, and rowdy. The only time I have seen visiting fans throw beer into the CBJ crowd was by Sabres fans and I saw that happen twice. They are a very close second to Pens fans, but as a whole just seem to want to be loud and have a good time.

Redwings fans, well, it just seems to depend on the game. Some games that I have been to, they were respectable, and merely cheered for their team. Other times, totally obnoxious. So much so, that they were giving Pens fans a run for their money. I will admit, though, that usually in my experience they act pretty respectful, and merely cheer for their team.

Never have had any issues with Rangers, Hawks, Flyers, Leafs, Bruins, or Blues fans. Other than those, really can't remember a large contingent of fans from other teams.

Worst places that I have been treated were Nashville (arena only) and St. Louis. St. Louis in particular was brutal. Really took a lot of s*** at the game, after the game, and at the hotel bar later. Almost got into a fight at the bar. In Nashville, talked to a Nashville fan later, and he was shocked that we were harassed at the game. He said next time to sit in his section because they don't mind visiting fans there at all.

Had no issues in Detroit except for the drunk in front of us that stood up and ordered my 5'2" wife to sit down and shut-up after we scored. I promptly told him what big balls he had ordering my wife to sit down and invited him to order me to sit down. He turned around and sat down. Nice thing was two Wings fans behind me tapped me on the shoulder and told me that the guy was a jerk and had he tried anything that they had my back. I thanked them, but I don't think I would have needed any help with that fat ****.

Greatest place on earth to see a game as a visiting fan in terms of how you are treated is Carolina. Unbelievable how welcome you are made to feel there. The fans did tell me that the fans that they hate the most invading their building is sabres fans followed by Pens fans, so we aren't alone when it comes to those jerks.

Sorry so long.
Agree on Pens fans. I think it was two years ago when Pens fans loaded up on cheap seats and overtook the arena. The Pens fans behavior was so bad I had to leave my seats after 1. My biggest memory was two drunk fans getting inches from my 7 and 12 year old face and screaming Mason, Mason as the Pens lit him up. From there we almost had fisticuffs as an old lady who sat in front of me got incensed and told them to shove it.

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