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02-03-2013, 03:56 PM
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I am going to disagree. He fought after the hit, no matter how short or long he answered the bell when called that time. To expect one of your leading scorers to take a chance on breaking a hand or worse to answer the bell with a troll like the much larger Mancari is wrong. Dont care what the roster says, no way Mancari s only 208lbs. I have seen him play the last several seasons and he is a spot picker supreme. He has refused more than once against the Crunch during those seasons when the player is his size, but acts like Oggie Oglethorpe against smaller players whe he feels the timing is right. Rochester has players the same size and ability as Panik, let one of them extend the challange. I doubt he will turtle then.
If you want to be upset about something last night, how about the lack of physical play by the entire team. Someone, anyone, should have at least had a conversation with Mancari after his showboating in the penalty box. Not sure if you could here what he was saying, but he made it perfectly clear that sometime this season, Panik will get taken out, legally or illegally, as revenge for the hit that took out the Amerk player allegedly for the year. No one spoke up to defend their house. instead, they sat on the bench not uttering a word and allowed the Amerks to take the play to them physically yet again this year. Other than Tarnasky, the Amerks do not have players who normally play tough. Against the Crunch again this season, they look like the frigging Broad Street Bullies of the 70s.
Hockey in Syracuse is easy to understand. The only games you really have to win to make the fans happy during the season are against the Amerks. We hate them, they hate us. The Crunch are 1-5 against them this year, so it looks like we are going to have to listen to the smack from Crapshester yet again this year.

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