Thread: Prospect Info: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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02-03-2013, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
I don't want to look that far ahead since I still believe Jones is just a beautiful, beautiful pipe dream.
Beautiful, nonetheless.

Regarding the current D players, picks, and future draft picks, you're right, but as I said in a different thread, is it just the system? They've changed 3 times since they've started pumping out mediocre defender after mediocre defender.

I'd hate to say it's the scouts because they've done such a good job, but maybe they are really good at identifying forwards and not so much with D.

It's a head-scratcher, I'll tell you that much. IMO, it's most likely the system because Grossmann, Fistric, and Niskanen were not bad picks, even if what came out of them was mediocre.

Was it Bernhardt that struggled selecting the right D (Fistric vs. Green)? He was fired three months after the Oleksiak (2011) draft, but if he was fired for Glennie and Campbell as the media and fans have speculated, it's conceivable he wasn't nearly as involved in that draft. So can we start calling the 2011 drafts and beyond the Jackson picks?
Why was he still around 3 months after the 2011 draft if he supposedly wasn't too involved with it? Y'know, for a team undergoing financial difficulties at one point, we seemed to have no problems paying the likes of Tippett, Crawford, and Bernhardt for doing NOTHING.

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