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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
He doesn't get enough games and we rely too heavily on Quick. I am not really advocating Bernier here, and I love Quick to death, but Bernier doesn't choose when and where he starts. Both Rask and Schneider were given chances because the number one goaltenders ahead of them wigged out and failed in some way. It isn't the case with Quick, therefore, Bernier gets zilch for games, and now he is made to suffer and be discredited because he wasn't given a shot against a contender and has to play a game every two months?
i'm with Telos on this.

look at it this way. remember losing power in your house and you dug out the flashlight that was buried in the drawer for god only knows? you flip the switch and it runs out in 5 seconds, or never turns on. that is essentially how Bernier has been utilized for the Kings. stored away in a drawer, only to fail when taken out.

JB needs game time, pure and simple. no goalie will stay sharp when they aren't used. practice and scrimmage time DOES NOT equal game time. never has and it never will. Bernier was having problems finding and following the puck last night. well when he hasn't played in an NHL game in 10 months, should that be surprising? games bring different players with different shots, different looks, different tendencies, etc. the only way you can stay on your game is to see this live, not sitting on the bench and working the door for your teammates.

this goes back to Murray and now Sutter. i blame the coaching and up to DL for not seeing him used. I love JQ, but they have to play JB so he is ready when needed. it helps both of them also if they know there is a set schedule in place, so they can prep for games and know when they will have downtime. this is especially true for any backup keeper. it's no different than starting pitchers in baseball.

last night Sutter also got out coached? maybe. maybe not. ANH kept getting their #1 and #2 line out there against LA's #4 and it shows on the stat sheet. some will say he got out coached, but others will say LA plays their #4 against top lines often and just got out played. in any case JB got thrown out while this was happening and the team got steamrolled.

the team and the fans can't expect JB to step off the bench and live up to the tending we've come to expect from Quick. it's not going to happen and to tear the guy a new one is bs.

for years the entire staff from MAN to LA have all said that Bernier improves with more game time, but yet they don't play him. who's responsibility is that?

with the surgery to Quick's back, a shortened season, a very compressed season the best thing for LA is reduce Quick's workload leading up to the playoffs. keep the guy fresh for when it matters, while playing Bernier to keep him game ready.

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