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02-03-2013, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dookie88 View Post
Not true at all.
If Parise and Suter never hit the FA market we resign both.
Homer took another gamble by going after the big guys first and hope to have a plan b. Carle was sick of waiting for Suter to decide and saw what was out there on the market for him. I believe we could've signed him for $5m x 5 years.
I said it back than and I say it now: this D is not skilled enough and we are paying for it. Carle is one of the better Ds in the game when it comes down to moving the puck and creating offense. He was also money in the playoffs.
With Jagr I see why you wouldn't want to hand him that contract because he really fell off the map in the last half of the season and in the playoffs. On the other hand it's a one year deal with and you have that cap space.
Again, I still see them in O&B if not for Suter and Parise becoming "available".
Also the Weber OfferSheet... Weber would have both replaced Pronger and lowered the need... IMO Weber or Suter netted would have taken Cap and need for Carle and Homer would have passed on resigning... unless Carle signed for a 'humongous' discount.

IIRC Tagging precluded Carle being re-signed prior to his contract expiring... and come July 1st Homer decided to swing for the fences... Carle as very patient even though he knew that the Flyers would want Suter or Weber and cut him off if they got one... He also realized that the Cap worked against him if they acquired them... He was told, I believe, to check Market and obviously saw that there were teams out there willing to overpay for his services with an OpenMarket situation... As you said, he got sick... or merely tire... of waiting and realized he could make a huge splash and sign with a team and maybe fan-base that wanted him... and he was familiar with TB and the Area.

Frankly, I'm surprised Carle took as long as he did... and I wish the Flyers could have retained him, especially if they could have given him a contract in-season at a more reasonable price. That may have even allowed Homer to still get Suter or Weber also... and they would have been in a much better place D-man-wise than are now.

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