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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
Cannata wasn't as sharp as usual. Actually made some good saves but could have been stronger on some of the goals.

Frist ended up with a player breaking in from the side and cutting across the in front of the net. Cannata came with him and the player was able to tuck it back over Cannata's shoulder Nice offensive move and the player was wide open. Bad up ice play by Haydar led to the 2 on 1

Second came as Cannata tried to pass the puck up to Haydar druing a PP. Haydar got wrong footed on the pass and clumsily gave it up. Led to a scramble in the goal mouth with the Admiral player banging it across the crease for an easy tap in. Felt like Cannata was too aggressive in firing the puck up to Haydar (let your team do the work) had a chance to glove puck and hold it. However, not an easy play.

3rd the player broke home free down the slot and beat Cannata to the glove side. Might have been down early but very good shot

Last was a point shot and Cannata totally screened. Maybe needed to work a little harder in seeing around the screen but that's probably looking to find fault.

Throughout the game Cannata made a number of very good saves. Mostly looked solid. The goals against were mainly good ones. Good on the 5 on 3's and during the many PK situations

However, Cannata needs improvement in some areas. He needs to settle down in the areas of moving the puck and batting at it around his crease. Sometimes he creates good offense by moving the puck so much but often seems out of sync with teammates and sometimes just bats the puck into trouble. Also needs to work harder at seeing through screens and seeing them develop.

His progress to date has been very good. But he is being pushed at this level. One big improvement is his ability to not over-slide the play. Is not getting drawn off to one side or the other and is staying much more central in his net. This players is probably 2 or 3 years away.

Andersson played another solid game. Just keeps it simple and keeps end tidy. Good anticipation and positioning allow him to make it easy on for himself. Moreover his passing from his own end is excellent. Little doubt he is the best defender on the team. Also, little doubt that Andersson will have a long, steady NHL career. (think Tallinder or the like). Although you will probably see him up and down some before he settles in.

In this game he showed off that he does have a very powerful shot from the point. It is something you like to see him exploit more by moving into scoring areas. Right now he appears reluctant to do that as defense is his main focus. Likely defense will always be Andersson focus.
Thanks for this. Andersson might even make a good candidate for the PP as Connauton's offense seems to have virtually disappeared. Heck, I don't even know who the pointmen on the PP units are anymore - Hunt, KC, Joslin and Matheson? Might be worth giving him a try there to improve his all-around game - good shot and makes good decisions with the puck.

As for Cannata, do you see any changes in the way he's playing compared to last year? Wondering if our goalie coach has been working with him.

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