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02-03-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post
Ziggy what happned to your Conan Avatar with the big helmet?

Anyway, I would agree that Bernier is going to get moved this summer. Kings will have some holes to fill this summer. If there's a trade this season, Stoll has to be the first to go at this point, his contract looks really bad right now.

Also consider that Scuderi, Penner, Richardson, Gagne are UFA's this coming summer and I don't see Penner, Richardson and Gagne coming back. So that opens up cap space and spots to fill. Tanner Pearson could easily replace Penner and we can get Gagne's replace via trade or FA.
i won't be surprised if Penner doesn't make it that far. the only reason to keep him around right now is depth in case of injury. he serves no purpose except that. playing King and Clifford means more to the team in the long run, than sitting one of them and giving a spot to a player that shows zero compete. that isn't a precedent you want to set with young players. Gags on the #2, Clifford on the #3 and Kong on the #4.

personally i would rather see Richardson in the line up over Penner. at least he brings two things each time he plays. he competes and hustles. he brings speed on the wing. Penner brings neither of those.

personally i think DL should move him for anything he can get. if he can pull a 7th round pick, i would be happy with it. salvage something out of the situation, there are teams in worse shape up front then LA. someone will make a move for him.

and yeah what happened to the Conan big helmet avatar? was one of the most distinctive avatars around

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