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02-03-2013, 05:49 PM
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Man what a stingy f***ing bast***. I offered Benn SOTW and Burrows SOTW for this guys Eberle SOTW. Which is already an over extension. Tell me if I'm wrong here but I'm assuming he'd be ok with getting the start price he has it at. He has the Start Price at $176K. No BIN. I just don't understand the market and how a 90 overall player with a pretty good name, Jamie Benn is no bum. Goes for crap, noone's buying a $100K BIN...

I'm just temped to sell the Benn and Burrows for $176K and get the Eberle. But of course someone else will outbid me and I'm out of 2 roster players. And I don't know if he'll raise the price up on it after this 30 mins expires. And I don't want to message him becuase well, he's a stingy bast***. -.-

Edit: Thinking way over my head in the heat of the moment. I do know Eberle SOTW goes for over $200K. Or so that's what I always see him at. It's still not a bad offer. And considering he has a BID price of $176 I keep assuming that's the value he wants. I just sent a crazy offer, IMO. Not saying I love what I sent..

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