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Originally Posted by avsfan09 View Post
Alot of people fail to look at the big picture. You have to look at why Duchene had a rough 11-12 season.

I think it was reasonable to look at him and say, he's a young guy who has showed huge potential who tried to do too much at times. When you couple that with his age and immaturity, it seemed logical for him to eventually play to his limitations. He's certainly doing that now.'

I did think this is a great example of why people need to show more patience on these boards. Before last year who would have thought O'reilly would score 55 points? People thought the Varly trade was bad, but look how well he's developed and he's healthy. Sorry for specifically picking on you I just saw your post and it reminded me of the argument we had.
Duchene might be a young player but hustle is something anyone, no matter their level of skill, is capable of. He hasn't shown this much defensive effort since the first half of his rookie season.

The only development he showed was in the faceoff circle, and his level of play in general was a major cause for concern given their mental rather than physical nature. Young players do grow, but such progress is not to be taken for granted or else Wolski would be a monster today.

A lot of Duchene's proponents have been quick to assume that '11-12 was a horrific season due to injuries. Injuries didn't help but he was awful prior to the injuries. Additionally, the concern was prior to '11-12 season, not a reaction to it.

Varlamov trade has nothing to do with him as a player and everything to do with asset management, which is a fairly major part of rebuilding. It was a bad trade, is still a bad trade, and Varlamov proving his talent - not doubted save by a small minority - does not negate it. It's not analogous to Duchene because the latter was about Duchene as a player. O'Reilly is a good example although not entirely 'apples to apples'.

And you are not 'picking' on me. You can criticize me all you want for the stance I took, or any stance that I have today.

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