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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
#1 is very true.Not as true as it once was, but who wants fact to sway a

Beaker, you're smart enough to know about the concept of perception. It isn't reality but it results in reality. [Dylan like doncha think ?] The entire French media thing can get offensive if you don't have a broad view of it. There are political issues in the media in Mtl., though sadly they don't usually come from anyone in the sports media. I think a more accurate portrayal is the hyper focus of the media surrounding the team. The relationship of the team's history to it's public is probably the subject of a lot of books, it's good and bad, and it's hard to explain to someone who's lived outside of it.

#3, also sadly is the perception. Players like Gilmour find out that the opposite is true and can't say enough positive things about the city, but stereotypes are hard to fight.

#4 is true in that the Anaheim's of the league become desired destinations. A solid franchise in a nice climate where you aren't recognized in a store ? Can't beat it.

I think the hyper focus around the team is a big factor. That's more than th emedia though, it's the fans, the whole 9 yards. If we didn't crave this stuff, they wouldn't feed it to us. I think the org. has a long way to go to sell the CH as a destination. I thought they were farther along than they are. Maybe they are, I don't know how agressively some of these guys were pursued. We have such a sense of entitlement, that when we don't get the player we want, it has to be because our GM just isn't trying.
I agree mcphee. Perception is far more persuasive than facts in affecting the decisions people make, whether they be hockey players, lawyers, doctors or ditch diggers. Whether fact based or not that "tax and language thing" really are perceived quite negatively. I mean, why did Carbonneau leave Montreal for the US? He wanted his children to be educated in English, as I recall. You're right. The Habs have a long way to go in selling CH as a destination for a lot of FAs. Winning is probably the ultimate selling card IMO. Cheers.

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