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Originally Posted by beth View Post
I stand by my view that a heat gun is a BAD idea for this purpose. The area you're heating is too large, and it's too easy to heat unevenly, so that it will bend more in some spots than others. The fabric parts, especially, will melt very quickly. Great if you've pulled it off (have you?) but I would recommend the boiling water method as there is much less room for something to go wrong.
Yes I have, for several pairs.

I don't think your method is efficient or safe for the pad; you're essentially subjecting the entire pad to 100 degree water, not only stressing the plastic in all areas, but the strapping, foams and liner material. The only part that you need narrowed is the plastic shell. It won't help if you saturate the foams; they were never designed to be soaked in boiling water, much less any water (except for the removable liner).

With a heat gun, you can pick and choose your areas, with Jarick focusing on the knee cap and the widest part of the shell right below that. The directed heat is on that area only, the plastic shell, and not on anything else that shouldn't be heated. Simple steady passes of the heat gun at a reasonable distance is all that it takes. Saying that the fabric will melt very easily is an exaggeration and suggests to me that you either have not used a heat gun before, or that you grossly underestimate the melting point of conventional synthetic polymers.

Here's nylon (190350 C), Polyester (around 300) etc.etc.

It's like making that delicious and crunchy sugar crust on top of a creme brulee. Would you rather use a kitchen torch, or a home oven to make that?

Again, a heat gun is not a torch.

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