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Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
So, since the game, as it is played right now, is much slower than in 2032, why do you watch it ? (And slower doesnt means worse)
Anyway, you can only compare to what you currently have.

Except that wont change anything and especially not make it fair.

The limit will always be moved, because of the human nature.
The winners are going to be the ones ready to submit their bodies to the worst possible products and/or the richest ones, able to buy the best pill on the market.

Is it your idea of fair ?
I dont feel that doping is cheating. Its a form of trying to be a better athelete. Why do we care if people put stuff in there bodies that may have harmful effects to ones body but we dont go mad at pharmaceutacal companies for putting out harmful medications? Are we cheating at life for trying to make our lives easier?

I"ve never used ped's but i dont care if atheletes do it. Mostly because i would use them to. People will always use them so why not allow for only a few of them to be allowed. Instead we have this holier than thou attitude with a scewed morality that ped's are bad and denouce it. They probably know f all about ped's.

Athletes aren't any better when they say "i dont know much about ped's". Please!!! They know about it and if they arent using they have thought about using. It is kinda like an investment spend 10g's a year and get a raise for playing better and make your money back 10 folds...

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