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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
While everyone is just Giddy about the last wo games time for a reality check.

GGA average 2.12 would make the Preds very competitive usually.
GG 1.5 last in the league
total goals last in the league with 12 with dallas second to last with 4 more goals than preds.
SOG 22.1 per game worst in the league.
20th on the PP
16th on the PK
4th goals allowed with 17

The offensive situation shows little hope of improvment in the near future. Be it system, talent level or the effects of the Myan calander.

next sunday the season will be 1/4 over 4 tough games this week

Absent Pekka's 2.16 GGA and .915 save% and solid defensive play this start would have been a disaster.
All of that may wind up being true- maybe this season will wind up being a disaster- only time will tell.

But can't you also look at it a completely different way? If we can play at our absolute worst, during the most difficult part of our schedule (arguably the most difficult schedule any team has faced in the entire league) and still come away with 9 points in 8 games, can't you look at that as a positive?

There is no way we are going to play the poorly on offense the entire season- if we do, we will have by far the worst offense in NHL history- I don't see that happening. And unless something crazy happens, we will continue to have some of the top defense and goaltending the NHL.

You can't just say, "if it weren't for the defense and Pekka..."- we DO have them and its not a fluke. That is like saying of a great offensive team- "well, if they didn't average 4 goals a game, they would stink". The point is- they DO.

I know this is the negativity thread, but nobody knows how this season is going to go, and you can just as easily be encouraged about what has happened after 8 games as you can be discouraged.

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