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07-03-2006, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
1.) Taxes are higher in Montreal than anywhere else, as a result we need to overpay to bring guys in. They can take home more of their money somewhere else.

2.) The idiots in the french media like the guys at 110%, Le Journal de Montreal, La Presse, TQS etc have given montreal a bad reputation around the league. Do you think other players don't notice when things like the Koivu situation take place (ie the question about speaking french in the media conference dealing with his eye injury, the leaked photos from his bedside etc...)

3.) The language issue for families. Face it some guys do not want to send their kids to a french school, and some players wives have problems making friends in a city with that language barrier included.

4.) Cold Climate - Think its not a factor? Think again.
wow !
Are we in the 2006 year ? You have soo much bad prejudices ! If there is something too scare people to come to Quebec province , it is probably more because people like you that are given a so bad reputation to our place .

Another posters that is puting all the french medias in the same hat ; stupid and just french minded ...Like if all the players of the NHL were listening to 110 % !!! There are just few peoples in the medias ( Bergeron , Villeneuve and Rejean Tremblay and sometime Raymond ) ) that are talking often about the language issue . NOT THE OTHERS 2000 PEOPLES that are working in the french medias.

Montreal is a bilingual city where you can spend a complete year without speaking one word of french , and a player that comes here can send his children where he wants . There are a lot of Quebecers that are bilingual in the area of the city and we live in a good relationship all together , in most if the areas .

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