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02-03-2013, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I'm not getting into this stupidity with you. Rookies make mistakes and have brutal games. Deal with it.

Sending Despres down will ****** his growth. Period.

You believe otherwise, I frankly don't care nor could I vehemently disagree anymore.

Ok, and yet you want to ignore the trend that this team has of NOT playing young players/prospects until they're more clearly ready & experienced? This team certainly has that trend -- unless you're going back to pre-Shero era.

Oh, and I keep hearing really smart hockey professionals like Ken Holland, Ray Shero, Scotty Bowman and others talking about how young players can always benefit from getting more experience at the previous level before being brought up. But I guess I should take, like Gospel, the words of just some poster on this board as being more true.

Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I think Despres would gain more playing in the NHL, but that by no stretch means he can't go to the AHL and work on his game. A guy like Bortuzzo...yeah, he should probably stay here, not just because of his contract situation, but because he is already regarded as one of the best defensemen in the AHL. He'd benefit more staying here and getting comfortable with the pace of the game.

Thanks, JTG, for also acknowledging another practical factor into this discussion. Yeah, Bortuzzo has, in fact, learned and accomplished everything that he can at the AHL level. Unlike Despres, Bortuzzo was voted an All-Star in that league and, as you mentioned, is known to be one of the best Dman at the level over the last few seasons. Keeping Despres in the top-6 means either we HAVE TO trade a veteran like Orpik, Martin or Niskanen right now -- which almost everyone, including me, is against -- or having Bortuzzo rot in the pressbox as the #7th Dman.

Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I already posted a link to what DB said before camp.

Despres, according to him, was not brought up to be evaluated.

I'll go with what the coach says over some poster on here.

Oh, and this would be the first time in NHL history that a good young player was sent back down to the minors/juniors after getting a look in the NHL?

Obviously, Bylsma has some free reign over roster & line-up decisions, but (A) it doesn't mean he can't ever change his mind; or (B) that other, higher people in the organization (i.e. Shero) can't veto his decisions or ask him to reconsider.

Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
I don't think that anyone doubts that Despres needs to work on his game. I just think that the 'work' he needs is going to have to come at the NHL level, learning what he can get away with. So many of his mistakes come from not appreciating sometimes the speed of the game and not recognizing situations, but those are things pretty unique to the NHL game. I don't see how much he'd get out of a return to the AHL.

The issue, as I've mentioned, is that Despres did not prove to be "too good" for the AHL. He had some inconsistencies there, too, just as he did on the big stage of the WJCs when he played there. I have no doubt that he could continue to find some things to improve on at the AHL level.

I wouldn't necessarily be against Despres staying in the NHL if, say, we were allowed to dress 13 forwards and 7 Dmen like they do in International hockey. I'm also not against him being the first guy to get called up this season in the event of injury, as opposed to inserting Lovejoy into the line-up. But if all of our Dmen are healthy come playoff time, I do not feel comfortable going into the playoffs with Despres being in our top-6. I also don't feel comfortable with him getting ice-time at the expense of Bortuzzo, when the former can play 20+ minutes at the AHL, while the latter would have to sit in the pressbox.

I don't know what the rest of your defense line-up would be with Despres in the line-up, Jiggy; but if you DON'T think that Bortuzzo sitting in the pressbox would be stagnating a good young players' growth, then I'll just be thankful that you're not the one who's managing or coaching this team.

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